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Read this announcement. Feel free to click~

So most of you may know  I've been working on this comic for the past couple years. It originally began in 2009 when wolf comics were still pretty much underground and at the time everyone was obsessing over vampires. The comic I created has gone through a lot of changes--good changes that only help it improve. I've added characters, changed around scenes dialogue, and even my original vision of it has changed.

We have came to the end of Chapter 3, and usually around this time I would take a 4 week break before starting up on the next chapter. However, I have grown and done a lot of soul-searching within my adult life. I started this comic when I was 18 and now I am 23. I now know what I want from my characters, I know what will drive them, what challenges their going to face, and how it's going to effect each of them differently. Everything has been laid out. The only way this will work is if I take some time to go through and rework some of the older pages.

For one, the prologue is going to be extended. This will provide more of a backstory and some character development. I will also be going through and implementing some pages to help smooth transitions and provide some coherence since I'm aware there are confusing times in the comic. Also, I will be removing the black borders that are on current pages and fix any missed typos/grammatical errors. I'm removing the black borders because 1.) These will make the pages larger and easier to read. 2.) Because the borders are uneven and most of the text doesn't match. To maintain a professional look, the borders must be deducted.

Already, all these new and additional pages are sketched and are currently being digitally painted. I hope to have the start of the new, extended prologue next Friday; August 8th. I hope you guys will continue to accompany me on this journey as all of us learn more about the story and characters. Thank you everyone for your insurmountable support. I'm getting more and more excited to tell more of this story :)

We can do a banner swap! :boogie: The newest banners can be seen below, please feel free to add them onto your site.

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Welcome to the Fates

Welcome to the Fates

"A Story Your Parents Never Told You."

Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale (c) Alethea 2009-Present
Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure/ Mythology/ Romance


When there is an end to a cycle, there is a new beginning already forming. The passage of the fates are brittle, all those who inhabit our world unknowingly follow a predestined fate. However, a corrupted wolf goddess plans to rival against the fates with her army of Beastmen. Unfortunately for her, she had inadvertently caused an imbalance among the elements bringing forth new faces to rebuke her efforts.

Wolf brothers, Joker and Mischief, have been roaming since they were exiled from their pack; their goal to put the past miles behind them. Until they are halted by Harmony, a half-goddess, who declares the brothers are elemental guardians.Their quest sounded simple; use their abilities to eliminate the Beastmen and prevent the goddess from destroying fate itself.

As the journey progresses it begins to burden the brothers as they confront their shrouded past and unearth family secrets. Uncovering the core of themselves could strengthen them rendering defeat of the corrupt goddess, or it could disintegrate morale and all could fall into chaos.


.•What is this group?•.

:bulletyellow: This is a group centered on my fantasy/adventure graphic novel Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale".
Contests, pages, annoucements and exclusive artwork will be displayed here to help promote the comic.

.•Can I Submit Art?•.

:bulletgreen: As long as it is Fan Art for the comic--Absolutely!! :nod: However if you start submitting art that isn't related to the comic at all, then I will be forced to remove it from the group and warn you.

.•What kind of Fan Art can I submit?•.

:bulletred: Anything! :dance: Traditional, digital, literature, poems, creative crafts, photomanips, etc..the list can go on.

The only things I won't accept into this group:
- Hateful artwork towards comic/characters/creator.
- Artwork displaying characters in a mature manner (i.e., genetalia, porn, etc..)
- Stolen/altered/traced artwork without the original artist's permission.

.•Is this just another wolf comic?•.

:bulletorange: Well that depends on your definition of an "average wolf comic."
I have studied cliches, and the Do's & Dont's when making a comic, because I'm very serious in this project. I will try to stray away from too many cliches and have many plans to keep the reader guessing as well as keeping pages unexpected.

However, I am only human. I make mistakes and I cannot please everyone.
If you find you are not enjoying my comic, please maturely leave this page.

Except, if you feel like your tongue is going to break off because you so badly need to tell me what I did wrong with my story that displeased you, please send me a note.

.•Is there "Sparklewolves"?•.

:bulletblue: NOOO!! :nuu: I definitely have no interest whatsoever in "Sparkle-anything."

I will tell you now, everything in my story has a Rhyme and Reason. The markings on the main 3 wolves will be explained in the story as well as the odd coloring of Essence and her sister Mirna.

But if you pay attention to the details, every other animal in the comic has natural colors.

If you have any questions or concerns,
Please contact Wolven-Sister
Thank you!

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